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Leene Leene    30" x 30"    2008

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Leene is from Berbice, a region of Guyana. Her family is Hindu. She arrived in NY in 1984. She had been married for ten years (got married when she was 14 years old). She has two sons from that marriage, Satesh & Gagnedro. Her first husband died. She married her second husband, an introduction from Leene's brother's friend. Her brother sponsored Leene sons who at the time were 10 & 8 when she came to NY.

Back home Leene's family had land & grew rice. Her mother came from a wealthy family and had a lot of land. They also owned & operated a grocery store. The whole family worked the land, ran the store, and sold goods to many neighboring farmers in bulk supply. There was also a rice mill, and a coconut oil processing plant. Leene learned a lot about business from working in the varied family businesses. Leene's sister is a nurse in England. Leene lives in Richmond Hill, Queens with her husband and their eighteen year old daughter. In addition to working at the concession stand at the Lincoln Plaza., she works at Loews's theatre as a cashier. Her husband is a chef at a midtown Italian restaurant.

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