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About the VENDORS OF NEWKIRK series:

Ask Brooklyn residents how they would describe their community, and they would have to say "diverse." Diversity exists because of the large number of immigrants who populate Brooklyn. Mitch of Hot Bagels; Antonio of Chou-Chou Service; Ali of Plaza Grocery: Nina Talbot has painted local shopkeepers around her corner; workers in their stores. These painted stories of working people in their everyday lives highlight themes of immigration and gentrification against the backdrop of old-time New York. They are woven together in a colorful and  upbeat tapestry-like format.

The inspiration for the "Vendors of Newkirk" series came when artist Nina Talbot reflected on her Flatbush neighborhood. What will this place and these people look like in ten years, or in fifty years? Will the storekeeper from Tajikistan and the one from Hong Kong hold on to their uniqueness, or will they mesh entirely into a homogenous American landscape? Nina Talbot's portraits grapple with these questions.

Already tinged with nostalgia for a community in constant and rapid transition, these portraits serve as mementos of an evanescent moment.

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