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Alam Alam    30" x 30"    2008

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Alam was born in District of Noakhali in Bangladesh. His mother lived in the countryside with his sister & grandparents. His aunt raised him in the capitol, Khaka. Alam went to a boarding school that was located at a military base. Alam stayed there, and went to his aunt's house on week-ends and holidays. Alam says he had very good teachers there. He also played hockey & soccer.

He came to New York in 1997 at the age of eighteen. His father, mom, and younger sister & brother had arrived earlier in 1982. They lived in Brooklyn near Tompkins & Fulton streets. His father worked in a Yemenite corner store, and then in a Duane Reid at 231st St. & Broadway in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx. Alam married his best friend's younger sister in 2002 in Bangladesh. His sister got married in 1999. Alam has a very young sister who turned two at the time of his wedding. Alam and his wife have a two year old son. Alam is one of the managers at the Lincoln Plaza Theatres.

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