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Yberto Yberto    30" x 30"    2008

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Iberto Placido is from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. He works as the ticket taker at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas. He was born in 1950, came to New York in 1975, and lived with his brother. His mother lives on St. Nicholas Avenue. Iberto has studied and plays classical and flamenco guitar since he was nineteen. He studied with a well known master, Guido Santarsala, who came from Uruguay to teach in New York. During the time Iberto lived in the Dominican Republic the government leader, Trujillo killed 37,000 people; he was in power for thirty years.

An incident in the Bronx, where Iberto lived for awhile - while working in his uncle's grocery store, a woman lost a wallet there which the owner kept for her. When she returned to claim it he noticed the wallet belonged to Edwin J. Trujillo, who turned out to be the niece's son of the dictator Trujillo.

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