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From the FACES OF DYNÓW series:

oil on canvas, 48 x 42 inches

Addresses in Places painting*

From Dynów 1930-39 Census
  Neger Brothers & families:
      Mendel — 12 Wolanskiego
      Israel Neger — 8 Slowachiego
      Menashe Neger — 3 Zamkowa
      Avraham Neger — 1 Lazienna
      Chaya Spinrad — 11 Pilsudskiego

New York
      235 East 4th Street, New York City — Bella stayed here with Sarah (née Neger) and Sam Marks
      156 Ludlow Street, New York City — Hirsch Neger
      184 Ludlow Street, New York City — Hirsch Nager stayed here with Uncle Sam Hoch
      10 Park Row, New York City — Hersch- Meilech first residence in NYC
      2009 Cruger Avenue, Bronx, NY — Bella and Joe family
      2045 Holland Avenue, Bronx, NY — Bella and Joe, Bronx, NY
      417 Longwood Avenue, Bronx, NY — Joe Tolpen, my grandfather lived here with his family at the time he met Bella
      433 Dumont Ave, Brooklyn, NY — Joseph Tolpen lived with his family before moving to the Bronx
      Featherbed Lane, Bronx, NY — The street where the butcher shop was where Irving Nager worked
      3520 DeKalb Avenue, Bronx, NY — Rosie Spiegler (née Spinrad) grocery store
      3630 Rochambeau Ave, Bronx, NY — Elsie Schuader (née Spinrad) grocery store
      3010 Wallace Avenue, Bronx, NY — Doris Nager and her family
      2717 Wallace Avenue, Bronx, NY — another address for Doris Nager and family
      1161 Stratford Avenue, Bronx, NY — another address for Doris Nager and family
      321 West 90th Street, New York CIty — Bella and Joe Tolpen's last residence
      230 East 3rd Street, New York City — Hirsch Nager
      7336 68th Ave, Ridgewood, NY, — Hirsch Nager
      293 East 7th Street, New York City — (Leib, Mendel’s eldest)
      305 Adam Street, Buffalo, NY — where Louis Nager lived when Bella arrive in NYC.
      820 Sycamore Street, Buffalo, NY — another address for Louis Nager
      3030 Brighton 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY — Miriam and Sam Marks

Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Dynówer Society Burial area, written on the entry gate:
      Clearing someone of blood – I have not cleared them. — Psalms
      Men, women, children from the town of Dynów murdered at the hands of Nazis of Germany may God forever curse their names. About 800 souls. And vengeance will be returned to the oppressors. In memory of the deceased of Dynów.

*Several names and numbers of the streets and addresses have changed over time.

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