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Marszalek Family

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From the FACES OF DYNÓW series:

Marszalek Family
oil on canvas, 48 x 42 inches

The Marszałek Family and The Jewish Community of Dynów. The Marszalek family in Dynów has a history with the old Jewish community in Dynów. Mr. Marszalek Senior (Stanislaw) used to work with the Jewish vendors driving goods to and from Przemyśl with his horse and cart. When the Nazis invaded the town in 1939, Mr. Marszalek took many of the Jewish people across the San River on a raft to the Russian occupied side of Dabrowka Starzenska. To save their lives, the Jews walked from Dabrowka through the woods to Bircza. Mr. Marszalek was one of the men who dug up the remains of the Nazi victims in the forest on Karolówka Street (Zurawiec), and then reinterred them to the ‘new’ Jewish cemetery next to the Marszalek property, (the family started living there in the early fifties). Mr. Marszalek’s son, Jan, cleaned the cemetery of weeds and fallen branches for several decades until his death.

I am now in touch with the younger generation of this family who continue to help maintain the dignity of the cemetery. I lost at least 39 members of my Neger and Spinrad families to the Nazis on Rosh Hashanah 1939.

– Corrections and translation, Alina Kędzierska



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