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Daniel's Story
Daniel's Story
pastel 30" x 32"

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From Rincon, Puerto Rico to Sunset Park, Brooklyn

"She was my everything," said Daniel. Placida Molet, daughter of slaves in Puerto Rico, church friend of Daniel's mother, who adopted Daniel when he was four years old after his mother died. She sang slave songs that were sung to soldiers in Puerto Rico, as they left for war. She was an independent fireball, died of natural causes in 1967 when Daniel was already married with four children. Up to the last day, Placida was dancing in the hospital, entertaining the nurses and staff.

"Dead people are all around you," they told Daniel, Wakonax torchbearer, "he who lights the way, encender. A tree from which the wood is used with torch light, he likes to help people, lead them out of darkness to help themselves." Daniel is the director of the northeast division of the organization, Taino Nation of the Antilles. Daniel says, "America has denied Taino culture and the recognition of the Native American, saying it is extinct. Not only are we alive, but our DNA is still a dominant Native American gene."

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