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Dinover Rebbe Dynasty

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From the FACES OF DYNÓW series:

Dinover Rebbe Dynasty
oil on canvas, 48 x 42 inches

The Dinover Rebbe, Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Spira, a famous rabbi from Dinov (1783-1841) was the founder of a Hasidic dynasty. He was also called ‘the Bene Yiśaśkhar’ after his popular work: Bene Yiśaśkhar. Included in the dynasty is Rabbi Yehoshua of Dinov, who was a great Tzaddick, [man of wisdom] and student of the Rabbi of Berditchev. In turn Rabbi Yehoshua was a mentor to Tzvi Elimelech, the Dinover Rebbe. The Dinover Rebbe’s son was Rabbi Duvid The Tzaddick of Dinov, author of Tzemach Duvid. Both of these rabbis are buried in an Ohel [memorial gravesite] in the first Jewish Cemetery in Dinov. Also buried in the Ohel is Isaiah Naftali Hertz, the head of Bes Din [court] of Dinov, and Chana Mindel, wife of the Dinover Rebbe.

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